September 14, 2006

Feminists Foil Top Mohammedans

Grand Mosque
Many have wondered why the Women's Lib movement hasn't taken up sides against the Mohammedan fanatic enemies of the West. The answer is that these so-called feminists hate George Bush and Capitalist America so much they will bite their tongues while their sisters are stuffed into bags and worse. Their logic: Bush's enemy must be our friend.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this story: Ban on Women at Mecca Met with Resistance; Officials Reconsider. The organizers of the Big Haj Pilgrimage had come up with a plan that included shunting the pilgrims' females to the back of the church, as it were. That was what it took to get the Women's Libbers pissed off. How chauvinist pig of these Mohammedan men to prevent their women from participating in the Religion of Peace and Burqas.
I wonder what the officials are reconsidering? Whether or not women have souls?

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