September 05, 2006

Immigrant Background Terrorists Caught in Denmark

Danish Justice Minister Lene Espersen
Danish authorities have arrested nine cats with immigrant backgrounds. The immigrant backgrounders were caught making bombs and plotting terror attacks. Danish Justice Minister Lene Espersen, pictured above, toasts her success with a Carlsberg. Lene said in a press conference following the big bust, "These Immigrant Background terrorist cells don't stand a chance in Denmark, not with our feared, yet politically correct investigators." This just goes to show that terrorists can be stopped without making offensive references to their race, national origin, creed or fanatical religious associations.

You don't suppose these Danish terrs were Islamofascists of middle eastern origin, do you? Nah! They were probably just regular Danes with immigrant backgrounds. It was in the news. You only see that kind of non-PC speculation in the conservative blogs.
Update: Gateway Pundit has more details on the arrests.

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