September 05, 2006

The Price of Gasoline: Under Control

Bush Administration's Secret Gasoline Refinery
I have heard a raft of theories and speculation purporting to explain the way gasoline prices have fallen recently. Most of them, like inscrutable Chinese demand fluctuations, the effects of beginners in the commodity markets getting cold feet, and other such analyses are unconvincing. Instead, we should look for the obvious answer.

St Wendeler, at Another Rovian Conspiracy, naturally finds this inescapably logical explanation: It is the Next Rovian Conspiracy. Karl Rove and the Bush Administration are behind this new cheap gasoline policy because they, "control everything... from the international oil conspiracy to the strength and timing of hurricanes in the Gulf."

I'll bet this is where George Bush and his oily cronies are using the oil they've gotten so far by spilling our youth's blood for it in Iraq. Just in time for the midterm elections. That darn Karl Rove, he's a regular Nick Machiavelli.

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