September 27, 2006

Mohammed's head may roll in Germany

After all, we are not French
For once a European leader has spoken out against the cowardly trend toward increasing accommodation of Mohammedan fanatics called Dhimmitude in the blogs. I don't call it Dhimmitude, I call it capitulation. As you may have heard, a German production of Mozart's opera, Idomeneo, which depicts Mohammed's severed head, was being cancelled in for fear the Mohammedans would raise a fuss.

Now it appears that the show may go on, rolling Prophet's head and all, if German Chancellor Angela Merkel has anything to say about it.
The Deutsche Oper announced on Tuesday that it had scratched the Mozart opera "Idomeneo" from its programme this season because one scene – the severed head of the prophet Mohammed rolling on to the stage – risked triggering an "incalculable security risk" for the theatre.

It feared the kind of violent outbursts that erupted earlier this month when the Pope offended Muslims in a speech which quoted a medieval writer's view of Islam as "evil and inhuman."
Germany's conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday led political and arts world uproar at the scrapping of a Mozart opera that features the head of the prophet Mohammed rolling across the stage.

The performances were cancelled amid fears the scene could trigger violence among the nation’s Muslim community.

But Mrs Merkel denounced "self-censorship out of fear" as unacceptable, reflecting a mood of national indignation that was not limited to the arts set but cut right across all social lines.
Chancellor Merkel has shown that having a backbone, while currently out of fashion in Europe, hasn't been entirely abandoned. The old feeder hopes this is a sign that the fashion might be changing.

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