September 26, 2006

Omar al-Faruq reported dead

The al-Qaeda terrorist who 'escaped' from US custody last year, Omar Al-Faruq (aka: al-Farouk, al-Farouq, al-Farook, al-Faruk, Aw-Fook and sometimes Mahmoud bin Ahmad Assegaf) has reportedly been shot dead by British troops in Basra, Iraq. The old feeder and others have long opined that Mr. Faruq had been turned by the CIA before being allowed to escape from Bagram Prison in Afghanistan. And now, along with his wife, I think he may not be dead.

While in custody, al-Faruq informed on his Jemaah Islamiya contacts in Indonesia. This unpleasant man has played a dangerous game of double-cross espionage for a year now, informing the US and other members of the western intelligence community of personnel and planning within al-Qaeda. Such work usually comes to a bad end, and the Feeder has been expecting al-Faruq's death at the hands of the Mohammedan fanatics.

Perhaps, having served a year as a double agent, the Brits have arranged to bring al-Faruq in from the cold, as it were. If they did kill him, it was simply another form of payback common in the edgy business of double-cross: lead in lieu of gold.

As I said before, this story is still festering developing.
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