September 16, 2006

Nebraska Exhibitionist Melissa Midwest: Back in the News

Melissa 'Hayseed' Harrington
Nebraska's own self-proclaimed exhibitionist, Melissa Harrington, has appeared in the news again. This time the news story is only peripheral to her propensity for public nudity. The proprietor of Lincoln, Nebraska's Cheerleaders sports bar where Ms. Harrington got busted for hosting a wet t-shirt contest whilst topless herself, is trying to make a come-back. Seems the place went out of business before the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission could finish taking their license away for displaying Melissa's talents. From KETV's web site:
[John] Caporale managed Cheerleaders in Lincoln last spring when Melissa Harrington, known as Melissa Midwest, hosted a wet T-shirt contest topless. The 24-year-old Lincoln woman was convicted of public nudity has been sentenced to six months' probation. Cheerleaders was cited for a liquor-law violation, but went out of business before the state commission could take any action.
Whatever happens to Cheerleaders Bar is, no doubt, of little interest to Plains Feeder readers, but the story provides a convenient excuse to publish another photo of Nebraska wildlife. You can visit Melissa's 'not safe for work' naughty web sites here.

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  1. Melissa if you have it flaunt it!!

    Great looking girl and Nebraska should be proud of her. She does the state proudly. If she had lived in France as I did for 25 years nothing would have been said about being in her birthday suit. Nebraskans like the British should wake up to the fact this is the 21st century not the 19th


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