September 14, 2006

World Peace is at hand!

Magic White Buffalo Calf
Good news! World peace and harmony are just around the corner. An omen has appeared in the form of a white buffalo calf born on a farm in Wisconsin. It will be the third white buffalo born there in recent years. From the AP via WRAL:
According to a version of the legend, a white buffalo, disguised as a woman wearing white hides, appeared to two men. One treated her with respect, and the other didn't. She turned the disrespectful man into a pile of bones, and gave the respectful one a pipe and taught his people rituals and music. She transformed into a female white buffalo calf and promised to return again.

That this latest birth is a male doesn't make it any less significant in American Indian prophecies, which say that such an animal will reunite all the races of man and restore balance to the world, Hand said. He said the buffalo's coat will change from white to black, red and yellow, the colors of the various races of man, before turning brown again.
Maybe the third time is the charm. Wait until the liberal wackos hear about this. Many of them are New Agers who are enthralled by Red Indian mumbo-jumbo. Perhaps they will tout it as another reason to disengage from the war on Mohammedan fanatics.
Update: That didn't take very long. Read Big Chief MySpace's take on the magic white buffalo's birth .

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