September 21, 2006

Senator 'Wimp' Harkin

WimpYou'd think Hugo Chavez 'owned' NYC and the United Nations, too, if you could stand to listen to his "devil" speech. Democrats from Rangel to Pelosi at least made a show of standing up to the horrible dictator.

Not so with Iowa's Senator Harkin, one of my senators so to speak, who actually defended Chavez. I hope Harkin's opponent in the next senatorial race remembers this and reminds Iowa voters of it a great many times. Ed at State 29 is so angry he wonders when Tom's plane will crash.
Update: Senator Harkin's office released a statement that clarifies his views. He said that Chavez "doesn't have the right" to come here and call our president a devil even though he understands why the good dictator must be frustrated with Bush.

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