September 09, 2006

What the Democrats don't want you to see

Update: Bill Clinton takes the Cake!
DEMANDS that "Path to 9/11" be pulled from the air.
Former President Clinton reveals himself for the would-be tyrant that he is. A simple cover-up, an evidence destroying burglary, and years of undeserved coddling by the Old Media aren't enough for the cheese-ball that is William Jefferson Clinton. He has the temerity to demand that a television show be pulled off the air. What the hell is Clinton so afraid of? That he would take such an obviously tyrannical stance against free speech as to call for prior restraint of publication. Something Sandy Berger forgot to steal?

American Constitutional law almost universally prohibits the prior restraint of free speech! The proper remedy is to sue for money damages if you feel you have been slandered. After the publication, which is an element of the tort of defamation. These cats that want to censor American TV programs must be shown that they cannot destroy the free marketplace of ideas that America so uniquely enjoys. This ain't Russia.

Why don't the Democrats just make their own fake-umentary about the prelude to the 9/11 attack? They could get Dan Rather and Mary Mapes to help them out.
Thanks to Michelle Malkin for the Viewer Discretion is Advised slate. Previous comments here.
Update: The Clintonistas are pulling out all the stops, seeking to get the whole ABC Path to 9/11 show cancelled. I should think they would be doubly embarrassed. Once for bobbling their early dealings with al-Qaeda and again for this blatant call for censorship. Even if the show was incorrect in every single aspect, it is still just a damn TV show. Folks don't think everything they see on TV is gospel. Especially not after having seen Dan Rather exposed.

The Democrats must think Americans aren't smart enough to distinguish between a TV documentary and whatever they believe is ultimately real. Such a patronizing attitude toward the vulgar mob is about par for the party that thinks Negroes can't operate voting machines.
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