September 09, 2006

Debra Lafave: "Matt Lauer wanted it and I gave it to him"

Debra LaFave on House Arrest
You remember Debra LaFave. She is the naughty school teacher convicted of seducing a 14 year male pupil, and, after some courtroom finagling was only sentenced to house arrest. My guess was she was 'too good looking' for jail. Well, Debra is back in the news, thanks to Matt Lauer, the Today Show host with no Katie Couric type ambitions. How did a chump like Matt Lauer get an interview with her? Like she said about her 14 year old victim, "He wanted it, and I gave it to him."

Miss LaFave was granted an exception to the otherwise onerous terms of her house arrest to go to New York City for an interview with Mr. Hairplugs himself. NBC even had to get a judge's permission for her to stay in a nice hotel in NYC, since she is officially a registered sex offender.

I can't imagine the hell she must be going through.
Update: Read about the Lauer interview.
Update: I have been watching the Lauer interview "Crossing the Line"on Dateline and Ms. Lafave seems well schooled in all the latest pop-psychology explanations, (wah wah childhood, etc.) besides the obvious one. She is just too dang naughty to be trying to teach school. It was bound to come to something bad.
Addendum: Read the book Gorgeous Disaster by Debra's ex-husband Owen Lafave, which one reviewer says, "pushes the frontier of lurid to new continents". Debra Lafave herself can't profit financially from her story; a 'Son of Sam Law' applies. I guess 'profit' doesn't include expense-paid trips to the big city for glitzy TV interviews. Too bad Dave Berkowitz, the real Son of Sam murderer, can't get an interview with Matt. I bet he'd enjoy the trip.
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  1. How come back in my days none of my teachers looked like her

  2. How come I didn't get raped by a hot teacher like that back in my days. If Debra decide to rape me when I was 14 years old I will be so flatter.

  3. This bitch needs to be in jail. Double standard just because she is white and blond. This judge
    must want something with her for sure, since he was so easy on her.

    1. White, blonde and gorgeous--and female. She shouldn't be in the classroom, but it's not like she caused the kid any harm. Where it's a male teacher taking away a female (or male, for that matter) student's virginity, the kid can get really screwed up. Not politically correct, but many common sense things aren't.

  4. God Bless her, I would be happy for her to "rape" my son. Hell, I would play school with her myself. One sexy woman here!


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