September 08, 2006

Wisconsin: looking more perverted every day

First it was the little necrophiliacs who wanted to dig up a corpse for sex in rural Wisconsin. Today the old feeder, looking for more details on that creepy crime, came upon another repulsive sex perversion story out of Milwaukee: 11-Year-Old Milwaukee Girl Gang-Raped By 15 To 20.

A 40 year old man and his 16 year old niece organized a gang rape of an 11 year old girl, apparently inviting all their low-life friends and neighbors to join in. The 16 year old niece allegedly orchestrated the variety of sex acts inflicted upon the child by the other participants. Her uncle also took part in the rape.

This goes beyond child molestation. This isn't just another screwed-up deviant preying upon kids. This story and the one about the grave robbers suggest that something besides the cheese is rotten in Wisconsin: the people.
Update: The 11 year old girl was HIV positive, the 16 year old dressed as a boy and the uncle, well, read it here.

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