October 28, 2006

Back to work

World Series Winners
There are only so many hours in a day, so the old feeder decided to forgo blogging for a few days in an effort to wring a bit of enjoyment from what is ordinarily a dull and prosaic existence. My first cousin once removed, DadGum, came to visit from Iowa. We toured the city of Omaha like the hayseeds we have become, gawking at the new construction and oohing at the new roller coaster West Dodge Skyway.

Then there was the World Series to watch. Baseball is not just our National Pastime, but the only ball-sport that the old feeder can follow. All the rest are either played too quickly or fail to define the players' positions adequately, respective examples being basketball and soccer. During the regular season, baseball provides a sure-fire soporific; the long summer days won't keep you up too late if there is baseball on the radio or TV.

The MLB playoffs and the World Series are different. Baseball at its best never makes me sleepy and is the only thing on broadcast TV that can move the old feeder to shout at the screen. Watching the underdog St. Louis Cardinals win the Championship was no exception. As Joe Strauss at St. Louis Today said it:
The Cardinals won simply. They outplayed a team that for much of the season led both leagues in wins. When it was done, the Tigers had scored 11 runs and committed eight errors. The Cardinals, who endured a losing record for the season's final five months, scored 22 runs, committed four errors and never looked down during an 11-5 October.

OK, fun is over. Back to work.

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