October 29, 2006

Catch-up on the child rape case against John Monetti

Update: Click for the latest post on John Monetti.

"Well, I haven't really done anything wrong."
I'm sure you have seen this scenario play out before. An otherwise well-respected man is arrested for a crime and, at first, the papers are all over it. Then it must become old news or something because you don't hear any more about the case in the media until you read that the culprit has gotten away with a slap on the wrist. By then it is too late; public outrage has diffused, the victims are sick of the process, and the perp's lawyers have struck a nice deal with the prosecutors that shocks the conscience.

That might be what is happening with Mr. John H. Monetti's case just down the road from the feedlot in Blair, Nebraska. By way of background, I will repeat that Mr. Monetti is facing numerous charges, including child rape, resulting from his being caught having repeated sexual trysts with an underage, autistic little girl from Blair. At the time, Monetti was a respected fireman, school teacher, coach, and school administrator living on Long Island, New York. Evidence suggests that Monetti made several trips from New Your to Blair to meet with the girls whom he had met on the internet. If you want more details, I suggest you see the previous posts listed below. (Don't forget to read the comments engendered thereby; some of them are gems of idiocy!)

To help us out, Plains Feeder reader Kay has been following the matter and has posted some informed comments to keep us apprised of recent developments (read: delays) at the Washington County courthouse. it seems that the defense, predictably, will insist on dragging the child victim into court to testify. The prosecution tried to quash the subpoenas of the victim and her school guidance counselor, but failed. I don't know what they hope to achieve by interrogating the victim; in statutory rape cases, the consent or lack thereof on the part of the victim is irrelevant. I feel they are just hoping the girl will back out of the case to avoid the pain of public scrutiny. It is a cruel but often effective strategy.

Kay also informs us that another continuance has been granted, delaying Monetti's preliminary hearing which had been scheduled for last week. This time the prosecution sought the delay, giving the reason that the girl Monetti is said to have molested isn't doing well physically or emotionally. Meanwhile, Mr. Monetti remains free on $2.5 million bail. Free to hang out in his old neighborhood on Long Island.

Kay, I appreciate your help in keeping this case from slipping below the outrage radar. The old feeder hasn't the time to bug the Clerk of Court in Blair or to query the the County Attorney's office. Don't forget, if you are a Nebraskan, the prosecutor is bringing these charges against Monetti in your name: you have a right to oversee their work. I hope you will keep holding the officials' feet to the fire, Kay, until this creep gets the long jail term and public humiliation he so richly deserves.
I can hear Monetti's East Coast apologists already: "He's innocent until proven guilty!" Here is my answer. He is innocent for now in the eyes of the Court. But the Court hasn't seen the evidence. From what I know so far, I have formed my own opinion: I think Mr. Monetti is guilty as hell.
More from our correspondent Kay: "Other things are coming to light. There is a possibility that while in Nebraska, he was actually at the school & made inappropriate contact with another girl." Perhaps more charges are in the cards for this shameless miscreant.
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