October 08, 2006

Democrat Party Supports Generic Troops

Canadian Soldier: not even a Democrat
You have heard the story about the Democrat National Committee using a generic photo of an unhappy soldier on one of their web pages purporting to blame President Bush for his frown. It was their way of extolling Democrat "support" for our cats in unform.

Trouble was, the idiots that put together the web page hadn't a clue as to what an American soldier looks like. The photo they used was a photoshop of the worthy Canadian troop pictured above. The Democrat site has been fixed, a flag replacing the fake American soldier. But the Democrat leadership remains as stupid as always.

The links above are to Michelle Malkin's coverage of the screw-up, but you can read more at the Jawa Report, LGF, Blackfive, and Florida Cracker. It would be funny if it weren't so definitive of what is wrong with the Democrat party leadership these days.

I have some pictures the DNC could use to great effect on their web pages. To show the voters how in touch with the people Democrats are, there is nothing that can beat showing support for Motherhood:

and Apple Pie:

Not to mention All American support for our Youth, National Parks, Neighborhoods, Country Music, Southern-Fried Chicken, Transportation, Welfare Reform and Housing. If the Democrats have issues they want to webify, I have the photoshops they need.

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