October 09, 2006

No future for North Korea?

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Looks like it is too late to persuade Kim Jong Il not to add nuclear weapons to his inventory of WMD. It is bad enough that the oddball commie now has a working a-bomb himself, but you can bet he will now add nukes to his catalogue of weapons for sale. I wonder how many Islamo-fascist Mohammedan fanatics were on hand for the demo, and if they brought their checkbooks.

I note that the suspected test area in North Korea has provisions for "VIP Accommodations". If you use Google Earth, you can download a 'kmz' file to show the location here. (Right click and save) Hat Tip to the Arms Control Wonk. This is what I saw:

NorKor nuke test site?
The time for tough talk with this diminutive Korean madman has passed. In the The Australian, US Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill is quoted: "(North Korea) can have a future or it can have these weapons, it cannot have both." Mighty tough talk, but we have tried jawboning this creep before. Even the hideously powerful Maddy Albright didn't scare little Kim.

Mr. Kim! Is that a nuke in your pocket or ...
So just how do we go about insuring that a nuclear North Korea has no future? Perhaps our Democrat or moonbat friends have some ideas. Perhaps the Chinese will step up, or even the newly militant Japanese, but I doubt it. It must be a job for the miracle workers at the UN.
Addendum: You really need to look at my favorite NorKor blog. The rhetoric is so... well, you'll see.

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