October 10, 2006

Freeze Warning

The Sower
It looks like there will be a hard freeze here at the feedlot in the next day or two. This means extra work for gentlemen farmers with gardens. The old feeder may not be a gentleman, but he has a garden. Therefore, I will be busy the next couple days putting away my bountiful harvest.

This reminds me of the parabolic message within Christ's story about the sower. If, indeed, Jesus spoke in parables, then why do folks continue to (mis)interpret them as allegorical parallels? A true parable impinges upon the truth therein at exactly one and only one point. Allegories run alongside the truth, matching it point for point. You geometers know what I mean. Jesus spoke in parables, but his not-so-holy disciples claim he later explained the stories to them in secret. Was Jesus trying to hide his message? I think not. Parables must be interpreted as parables.

The point of the parable of the sower is, for me, the bountiful harvest. If you have faith, whatever happens, the result will be a good harvest. Hence, I'll be busy for a couple of days!

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