October 11, 2006

Killing Fields

Pardon the title; it's actually hunting season. Unless the supermarkets run out of food my hunting days are probably over. You're more apt to find me scrounging around the woods with a camera or a bow saw to retrieve an interesting piece of wood. But that doesn't mean I'm anti-hunting. Far from it.

When I was a teenager I used to live for hunting season so I know how much it means to the people who wait all year for it and tend to stay out of their way so as not to spoil their solitude and chances of success.. When done right taking the life of an animal is not a bad thing. I believe a good hunter knows more about the life and habits of his prey than most anti-hunters. And I think a reflective hunter has a good understanding of death and our finite span of years on this wondrous earth.

There are also a number of yahoos with guns who have little respect for anything or anyone and I've done what I could over the years to make trouble for them.

Autumn is here and there is game in the field for those who want to go after it.

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