October 14, 2006

Nice New Nebraska Blog

Plains Feeder has added Heartland Notebook to the blogroll. It is a new blog produced by a self-described rock-ribbed retrocon in Kearney, Nebraska who calls himself Uncle Wiggily. I think you will find his stuff well-written, witty and enlightening. Pay the rascal a visit.

The old feeder is still horribly busy with the harvest, and suffering hay fever he wouldn't wish on anyone but a Jihadist. Some blog projects that need attention have gone unblogged, like new blogger and old radio jock Tom Becka's woes over what I thought was a right-on parody, “Discover North Omaha”. I guess the Dhimmis at KFAB just don't like to hear the truth about Omaha's isolated and neglected N-wordtown.

John Monetti, the New York school teacher accused of child rape. He is the one who travelled to Nebraska for sex with an underage autistic girl he met on the internets. Monetti was supposed to have had a court date last week. I haven't had time to call the Washington County courthouse to find out what happened.

And then there is our homegrown Nebraska exhibitionist and amateur porn star, Melissa Harrington, aka Melissa Midwest. The let it all hang out babe from Lincoln, Nebraska is back in the news. This time she is being sued for, well, lets just say it involves Bubba the Love Sponge, another semi-pro porn star, and wrongdoing with a dildo.
So much to blog. So little time.

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