October 17, 2006

Venezuela's Big Chance

Val Prieto at Babalu Blog points out that the real big chance for Venezuela lies not in the Kangaroo vote now taking place at the United Nations. It will come on December 3rd, when Venezuelan voters will get a crack at deposing the horrid little communist tyrant, Hugo Chavez. Sez Val:
While hugo chavez was busy gallivanting around the world visiting with the North Koreans and the Iranians and the Syrians and everyone else trying to buy his way - his way, not Venezuela's way - into the UN Security Council, while hugo chavez was in the US promising cheap heating oil and standing in front of the United Nations calling President Bush the devil and while he was away trying to spread his Bolivarian Revolution to all four corners of the world, among other things, there were people in Venezuela digging through piles of rubbish for sustenance:

Grocery Shopping in Venezuela

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