November 03, 2006

Guess Who?

Mystery Gypsy Dancers
The old feeder has gotten a few complaints about the recent dearth of titty pictures here at the Feeder. Since we always stand willing to compromise our high standards to accommodate the interests of our more flesh oriented readers, I have come up with this Guess Who contest. If you can correctly identify both of the dancers, and point out the one that is really a man, you will be awarded a custom Feedlot Fake Fem Spotter banner to display as you please. Both of these gals have been in the news recently.

Now for the titty part of this post. The photo below is a clue to solving the Guess Who puzzle inasmuch as it reveals the naked breast of one of the mystery Gypsy dancers. This should make the contest easy to win, even for Canadians. (The fake femme wouldn't have such a breast to show, now would she?)

Tit Clue
As for the prize banner, I won't reveal it now, but it will feature one of the world's best known fake females, Vladimir, the Italian commie cross dresser. Sure to please. Post your entries in the comments. And keep them clean.

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