November 03, 2006


Squashage: a Cheap Treat
The Feedlot vegetable garden produced more acorn squash than one old feeder could possibly eat. I tried to cover up an unsightly wood pile by getting the squash vines to grow over it. The elder rabbit that lives under the woodpile didn't seem to mind, and the wood pile looked like a hill of big green leaves all summer. I gave some of the delicious fruit away (secretly, in the night) and have been trying to figure out new ways to eat the rest.

The photo illustrates my latest effort. Buttery baked squash filled with fresh home-made Italian sausage and fried peppers. Sounds funky, but I think it is pretty good. I tried it out on DadGum when he was here to visit, and he ate his without ill effects or complaints. I think I'll try slicing and drying a few squash, like the red Indians of the Missouri valley did before white folks killed them off. I have no idea how they might be reconstituted for later use. Perhaps the old timers just chewed it dry, like jerky. I'll find out.

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