November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Only the President can pardon a turkey
Have a great Thanksgiving! Being grateful all the time for everything isn't just a God thing, its good mental hygiene. And it isn't just a good idea to keep the tradition, its the law!
More Gratitude:
Fellow bloggers: Are you too depressed or lazy to think up your own list of things for which to be thankful? Michelle Malkin has put together a pretty good one for you. Merri Musings has made a great gratitude list that most Nebraskans could readily adapt to their own happy situations. The Gunscribe describes his first try at counting his blessings as "full of wishy washy sentimentalism and read like a script for a "Chick Flick" movie." Gunscribe, you sound sentimental because you are sentimental; I saw you sing to your wife in public! Being armed and sentimental is preferable to armed and dangerous any day. Como Soy reminds us to be grateful for the "unconditional devotion of our soldiers in Iraq right now, away from their families and loved ones. Their sacrifice is great and we can never truly repay them. "

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