November 21, 2006

Troops Home for Christmas?

or perhaps you'd prefer The Draft
I suppose you might have seen my uncharacteristic Troops Home for Christmas logo in the side panel of the Feeder. It was my reaction to the outcome of the recent elections. Why not cut and run? Now that the powers that be elected have decided that there is almost no chance for the US to win the war in Iraq. My TV set and newspapers seems to agree. The very idea that there might be a real "Mission Accomplished" moment, after which we could withdraw from Iraq with honor, has been banished. I don't even hear the half-joking pleas to declare it a victory and go home that were popular among the weak-kneed during the Viet-Nam war. It is a good thing Dick Nixon isn't alive to see this.

Don't get me wrong, I still think the USA is the only chance the world has today to stem the new Islamic tide. Even the Spaniards have forgotten what it means to be ruled by the Moors, as Mohammedan fanatics were called at the time. I really hate to imagine how horrific such a conflict could become if the USA fails to step up to the plate, and soon. But what has that to do with our decision to lose the battle in Iraq? Not much, said the voters.

In the mean time, either we are in to win in Iraq, or we ought to call it a loss and get out. No sense letting the best of our youth die there once we have decided to lose. Haven't we effectively decided to lose? I saw Country Joe and the Fish. You don't want to see anything like that again, do you?

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