November 14, 2006

Prairie Metaphors

Spirit of the Goose
A little Great Plains Wisdom from central Iowa. Two Huxley Post Office employees received the Spirit of the Goose Award from Doug Morrow, US Postal Service district manager after being nominated by Huxley Postmaster Jo Kelley. "Kelley said the name of the award directly correlates to how geese communicate in the wild. 'Geese fly in a V to help each other out. When something happens, someone else is ready and willing to step up to the front of the formation and help.' "

It seems there was a "family emergency" that caused one of the Postal Geese to drop out of formation last summer. The award recipients filled in for their fallen comrade and got the mail delivered on time. This raises the age-old question, why is it that when geese fly in their V formation, one leg of the V is longer than the other?

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