November 14, 2006

Buy a Hummer in Omaha?

Hummer, anyone?
This WOWT story about greed and moral laxity in the Omaha automobile trade made the old feeder think of a dirty joke. "[I]nvestigators say Huber Hummer issued more than 200 titles to phony businesses in order to get incentive money from the manufacturer." Read the story if you are worried about the status of that Hummer you just bought. Otherwise, here is the joke:

Father O'Hanrahan, walking downtown in Omaha wearing his secular civvies, is approached by one of our ladies of the evening. She asks him if he'd like a hummer for $20. The old priest is confused and says nothing but "Bless you." Later, back at the rectory, Father O'Hanrahan gets to thinking about what the young lady might have meant, and decides to ask Mother Superior. He goes to the convent and asks the elder nun, "What is a hummer?" Mother Superior replies, "$20, same as downtown."

As for the stupid news story, since when were car dealers expected to act with integrity?
Angela has a Cornhusker joke.

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