November 17, 2006

Rockin' the Feedlot

Wanda Jackson
My Iowa Cousin DadGum stopped to visit at the feedlot recently, and gave me a CD of Wanda Jackson tunes. I like music well enough, but I don't much like to listen to it. In the days of vinyl (and I haven't bought much music since then) a new album would take me weeks to play. I felt that each cut needed to be absorbed and reflected upon individually. It was more likely a manifestation of OCD, but now that I can buy music à la carte, one tune at a time over the internets, I don't have to do this any more. I still don't care to have music playing in the background.

DadGum suggested that I play this while I was engaged in some task like washing dishes or house cleaning. It would "energize" me. This morning I put on Wanda Jackson and cleaned the kitchen. I did feel energized, I guess. If being flooded with memories is energizing. Good stuff.

Wanda's distinctive voice, style and hep cat choice of tunes put her in a league with Elvis Presley. In fact, Wanda dated the King in the 50's, and they both started out singing Gospel. She still tours, in fact Wanda Jackson will be just down the river in Kansas City next month for a Christmas show at Knucklehead's Saloon.

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