November 18, 2006

Free Show Tonight

Leonid Meteor Shower - 1833
Tonight promises to be clear and new-moon dark here at the feedlot, perfect conditions for viewing the Leonids. City lights, (so-called light pollution) will make many of the tiny meteorites invisible to cats in town, so it is recommended that you walk or drive out of town to the north to see them better. You want to be north of the city lights as the meteors will appear to come out of the constellation Leo, which rises in the north.

The Leonid shower of 1833 was especially impressive seen from North America. The event is noted for having made its way into many of the red Indians' winter counts, a great aid to historians trying to correlate the cryptic winter symbols with the white folks' calendar. I saw them one year when I could see the Northern Lights at the same time. Very impressive.

The best thing about this spectacular presentation: it is absolutely free.

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