December 14, 2006

Don't Tease Barack Obama

Barack Odumbo
Presidential aspirant Barack Obama, currently in vogue with the leftist media, has ears that protrude. Now we find out he is sensitive about his good-sized flaps. after a news conference the other day, Barack called out the awful NYT columnist Maureen Dowd, a Rodhamite who dared to mention his "big ears" in one of her columns. He is quoted as warning her, saying, "I just want to put you on notice, I was teased relentlessly when I was a kid about my big ears."

I heard it on Rush Limbaugh's radio show, and read about it here in my favorite Chicago paper, the Sun-Times.

The old feeder got interested, until now not having thought about the size of Mr. Barack H. Obama's ears any more than I had about his middle name. Until Uncle Wiggily at Heartland Notebook pointed out that his middle name is Hussein. So besides looking up why Barak has a Mohammedan middle name, I checked out old pictures of Mr. Obama for ear size. What I found was disturbing.

Barack Obama can actually pull in his ears when he wants to, just like I can suck in my gut. Look at his pictures. In some photos his ears stick out almost as much a those huge megaphones on the Prince of Wales. In others, they appear to be almost pinned back. No wonder some folks think his ear wiggling act is already growing stale.
Update: Allahpundit takes up the matter of Barack Obama's mostly ignored ear sensitivity offering a clip of the exchange at HotAir. While Allahpundit thinks Obama was only joking, the Dumbo factor takes root. For some really big photoshopped Obama orejas, see Five Reasons Why Barack Hussein Obama Should Be President at Riehl World View. These are really going to hurt his feelings.
More Barack Obama ear insensitivity:
Paul West - Baltimore Sun - "jug ears"
Alex Locke - Bowdoin College - "McCain's chubby cheeks have nothing on Obama's big ears." and Barack has "Ross Perot's ears"
Gary Patton - Hampton Union - "His ears protrude a little. His mouth is large."
Más: See Rush Limbaugh's Odumbo photoshop at Stuck on Stupid, plus further aurical taunting, e.g., "Barak Obama doesn't have to bend over to far to have one ear to the ground. But when it comes to campaigning he is wet behind the ears."

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