December 16, 2006

Beatrice Nebraska Middle School Kids

Stuffing Stockings for Soldiers
The old feeder's Saturday morning browse of Nebraska newspapers with websites yielded this nice piece by Bill Hafer of the Beatrice Daily Sun. The middle school kids there are treating our troops in Iraq, who won't be home for Christmas, to stockings stuffed with gifts. The presents were collected by the kids, and include: "candy and gum, pencils and pens, small notebooks, decks of cards, travel games, microwave popcorn, phone cards, stamps, rolls of quarters and snack foods as well as many other small items." Thoughtful, no?

Just when you think Handbasket Earth has arrived in Hell, something shows up that isn't all bad. I just hope some ACLU busybody doesn't find out that these young cats' wonderful act of kindness and patriotism is being done under color of Christmas.

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