January 16, 2007

Back to work

The bad hard disk
It was a long haul. After I managed to recover my data from the balky drive pictured above, I decided to get rid of the ATI All-In-Wonder Pro video and TV card that hasn't worked properly for over a year. Needless to say, nothing worked as advertised nor went together like Bill Gates' mythical seamless web. My home-made computer is back at work, no thanks to anyone but me.

The old feeder, however, decided to take Martin Luther King Day off. After all, its the law, no? After a two-mouse night (two mice, maddened by the cold, broke into the feedlot and immediately went for the peanuts I use on my indoor trap line) I figured I would be ready to blog this morning. But no! Blogger wasn't working. It is a good thing nothing really important has been going on this past week.

Whats new?

Castro is still dying, being eaten alive by a demon in his gut.

Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel, still overwrought by losing the Viet-Nam war, continues to take out his guilt feelings on President Bush, calling his troop surge plan, "the most dangerous foreign policy blunder since Vietnam." Like Bob Kerrey before him, Chuck should kiss his White House dreams goodbye and settle into a job that makes self-loathing easy.

Omaha's Blitzkrieg move to engulf its peaceful neighbors in Elkhorn by force proceeds unabated. I have already said my piece about this ill-advised and anti-democratic travesty of legalized plunder.

If the people of Elkhorn can't do more than whine to preserve their city from being ruled and taxed by the downtown gang of fruitcakes that calls itself the Omaha City Council, then they deserve to suffer the myriad of idiotic city ordinances they pass, chafe at paying taxes incurred by the Council's stupidity and see their police, fire and other local functions fall under the incompetent aegis of the Blue Island in Red State Nebraska that is Omaha. Of course, if the otherwise out-on-their asses Elkhorn city employees all join one of Mayor Fahey's much loved Democrat Party supporting unions, they too can get a piece of the action.
Oh! Those wacky Iraqi hangmen were at it again. This time they pulled one of the condemned men's head clean off! I can't wait for the video.

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