January 10, 2007

Trouble Compounded

The old feeder won't be posting anything for a while. One of the hard disk drives I use for the blog is croaking. I'm trying to massage some of my data off the old 160 GB IDE before it goes belly up completely.
Friday Update: The rebel hard drive has yielded to my rough interrogation and is now spilling its bits to the new replacement. I'll be back.

Meanwhile, I think Nebraska's hippy peacenik Senator Chuck Hagel heard the Plains Feeder was down. Otherwise why would he pick this week to raise his ugly, VD (Viet-Nam Disease) riddled head up again to take another bite out of our beleaguered President's back. Any day now, I expect to see him being serviced by the "girls" on the View.

As if that weren't enough, the Fahey-OPS Axis of Evil has suckered the feckless Nebraska Supreme Court to join in their anti-self determination campaign of conquest and subjugation in Douglas County. Adios liberty and hello "park your cars on concrete" busybody meddling from the city slickers. They knew I wasn't watching.

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