February 20, 2007

Don't get upset. I'm not taking your picture.

Cell Phone Firearm
I'm not surprised that a gun has been invented that looks like a cell phone. What's curious is that it seems to have gotten its start in Europe rather than the gun loving US of A. How did we let that happen? Watch the little "4-banger" in action.
Nice post, DadGum. PTG here. The story reminds me of one of my many inventions: the Bic 45. Picture a plastic device about twice the size of a Bic disposable lighter. Inside are two short carbon-carbon barrels, each loaded with a tough polycarbonate .45 caliber slug in front of a moderate charge of powder. The firing mechanism is piezoelectric; no springs, only very thin wires. In fact, the little rascal is all but metal detector and x-ray proof. The outside surface is heavily checkered, both for a good grip and to obscure fingerprints.

All the openings in the Bic 45 are sealed watertight. The barrel is capped with very thin plastic, the projectile will break through on firing. The reason this little plastic demon is sealed has to do with marketing. Besides having Bic 45 blister packs hanging at all supermarket check-outs and in convenience stores, I planned to package these guns inside a bottle of cheap whiskey.

You get pissed off, you get a bottle of Mad Rat Whiskey with a gun in it. You have to break the bottle to get the gun, so you drink the whiskey first. Now you have an attitude, a deadly weapon and Dutch courage. Breaking the bottle just serves to break the ice of your inhibitions. Take your best two shots and throw it away.

Bic, a French company, didn't like the idea.

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