February 18, 2007

Still Fomenting

As you may have noticed, the old feeder has been away from the feedlot more than usual these last weeks. Between bouts with the gastrointestinal virus du jour, the frozen water pipes and my icy, snow packed lane, I haven't been at the console. I have been staying at my old lady's apartment in town, where the old wuss I have become could have hot running water, among other things.

Now, the pipes are thawed. The same cat as froze 'em did the job, and didn't charge me anything. I'm back at the feedlot where I can get some real peace and quiet along with my hot running water. As soon as I finish washing every dish I own and finish this mountain of laundry, I'll be back on track. I think.

I might have been away from the console, but I have been busy. Scheming and dreaming up yet another way to mess up the internets. It has come to my attention that the old feeder hasn't been able to balance the most ominous features of today's world: Islamic madness and Marxist thought, with the my interest in the smelly red herring that is global warming. Poking fun at caviling climate kooks is irresistible.

To provide a place to indulge my twisted obsession with the global warming debacle, I'm about to move said activity to a New Web Site and a New Blog. They aren't ready for linkage, but if you are interested, click the Scheme-Dream picture here:

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