February 16, 2007

Iowa's Big Apples

Eventually I'm going to do a post that will disgust PT to the point of retaking his blog and getting it done right. This might be the one.

Last night former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno plugging his candidacy for - you guessed it - president. When asked how he expected to compete with the "rock star" images of Hillary and Obama, Vilsack, without missing a beat said, "I'm not a rock star. I'm rock solid." I'm not a fan of Vilsack's politics but he's made of sterner stuff than you might think.

But the big news, which just finished airing on the Martha Stewart show, was Okoboji, Iowa, barber Michael Felton demonstrating The Art of Shaving. You guys think you know how to shave? Do you use a pre-shave lotion, and do you have a Fusion Razor? No? I'll bet you don't even use a moisturizer on your skin afterwards.

My barber cuts my hair in his garage. You sit on an old bar stool, rest your feet on a 2 foot stepladder, and get cleaned off with a Shop Vac. He tells good stories and is still carrying around shrapnel from Korea. My kinda guy. Anyhow, I use throwaway razors.

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