February 13, 2007

They don't look like Marines, but who cares?

Anything for the Kids
Every now and then I have to come up with a blog to help keep the Plains Feeder rolling along. I could blog about my local Iowa school board trying to shove an "instructional support levy" down our throats. Brand new $10m middle school and now they find they don't have money for things like books. But the election is today and I already know it can't be stopped.

Instead I'll offer this USMC patriotic photo.


The levy passed with 51.8% of the vote; 51% was required. Sounds like a heartbreaker for those of us who were against it, but it's not. They would have kept running it through until it did pass, as they did with the $10m school bond. Our only option is to resist but once it passes it's a done deal. The school people then pat themselves on the back and set their sights on another goal to be financed, of course, by taxpayers.

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