February 05, 2007

We give the directions around here

You seem confused. You must see Doktor.
The future is euthanasia and assisted suicide for the Euro-wingnut regional socialists in Switzerland. Now they are considering conning troublesome cats they determine to be mentally ill to take a prescription for suicide pills. All it takes is that you have some kind of mental problem "making life appear unbearable to the patient in the long term."

I ask, to whom must one's life appear to be unbearable to trigger this cleverly disguised euthanasia law. The local authorities? Some busybody bureaucrat with a clipboard? A magistrate of some sort? Some kind of guardian ad suicidum? Maybe my neighbors could get up a petition to have me put to sleep. Why would anyone ask me? I'm mentally ill, remember.

Be careful if you take your vacation in Europe. Try not to appear upset, unhappy or confused at any time. Never ask the cops for directions.
Note that I refer to the Swiss as regional socialists. This is to distinguish them from the international socialists, like Bolsheviks and Maoists, and from the national socialists, like the Nazis and Phalangists. Other examples of regional socialists are Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales. I like the moniker; we could call regional socialists Reggies for short.

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