February 07, 2007

Loose Ends

W54 - A Real Small Nuke
What could be worse than being laid low with the growling shits? I'll tell you what. Having the shits and having your water pipes freeze. Really cramps your style. Details withheld to protect the queasy.
I need to work on the Plains Feeder blogroll. Some of the links are old, and some point nowhere. I did just add The Beatrice Fiddler, a very nice new blog. The writer, whose e-mail moniker is binnie bix, said nice things about the Feeder right out of the gate. Makes me feel all warm and bubbly. Unless it is just the stomach cramps.
I only read one cat blog regularly. Ferdy at the Conservative Cat blog is amazingly smart for a cat. Mostly I evaluate cats in terms of whether they have what it takes to kill mice and rats. Sometimes, they are good for a laugh. If you would be offended by seeing a curious cat get painfully tricked, don't click here.
I put up the picture of the Davy Crockett jeep-launched atomic bomb for those interested in the tiny tactical nuke scenario being played out in this season's 24. Little, bitty implosion bombs are old hat. I've always wanted a Davy Crockett nuke to mount on a nice, big Hummer. Get me some respect!

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