April 25, 2007

Accused child rapist John Monetti takes the scenic route

to Nebraska
Update: Click for the latest post on John Monetti.

and re-posted April 25, 2007:
A Plains Feeder reader has sent the following:
I made a few phone calls to the Nebraska Federal District Court and the US Marshal's office to find out what I could about John Monetti. I found out that he is being held in Cass County, Nebraska. He has a date set for a jury trial: May 21st at 9:00 AM in the Omaha Federal Building before Chief Judge Joseph F. Bataillon. I'll try to attend.
Presumably, Mr. Monetti is being held at the City/County Law Enforcement Center in Plattesmouth, Nebraska, not far south of Omaha. The Cass County Sheriff helps lighten the load that local crime places on the county taxpayers by contracting with the US Marshal to hold prisoners awaiting trial in federal courts like Monetti.

Judge Bataillon, a Clinton appointee, has been called an Arrogant Activist Judge in the blogs and cursed at WorldNet Daily and everyone else who is against homosex marriages, when he struck down a popular amendment to the Nebraska State Constitution banning gay marriage. As for his record with child molesters and pedophiles, I've got nothing so far. Anyone heard anything?
Plains Feeder Reader Kay from Blair, Nebraska tipped me to this article in the Washington County Pilot Tribune & Enterprise. The feds are sending alleged child molester John Monetti back to Nebraska by bus to face federal charges. If you have ever endured a long bus trip, the kind that stops in every jerk-water town and is packed with cranky, sweaty but otherwise decent folks, then you can imagine how much worse a trip on a federal prison bus might be.

I'll bet that most of Monetti's fellow passengers weren't "respectable" members of the community before they got busted. Monetti's new mates will be murderers, illegal aliens, dope addicts and the like. Not just for this shameful bus trip, but until he is too old to molest little girls.

This is our stop!
John Monetti has no one to blame for his current and future circumstances but himself.

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