March 20, 2007

Fred Thompson Background

Updated: The Fredipedia >>04/19/07

Fred and Jeri Thompson
A collection of links to information
relevant to Fred's Presidential qualifications

Uncle Wiggily, our fellow Nebraska Blogger brought up the subject of Fred Thompson's possible run for the Republican nomination at Heartland Notebook after seeing Fred on Fox News Sunday. I felt like I didn't know very much about Fred Thompson, except that I had heard he was a supporter of Second Amendment rights.
Updated: A newer list of Fred and Jeri Thompson links. But please peruse the rest of this post if you haven't already.
Riehl World View also noted a lack of info, "I don't know enough about his back story, but based upon what I do know, he's someone I could support. He's also someone I think would play very well to the electorate, potentially the closest thing to a Reagan I've seen around lately." This really got me interested. I did a little checking around the internets and thought I'd share the resources I used:

The Hill: Another Hollywood star steps forward for GOP By Alexander Bolton, March 09, 2007

Fox News: TV Star, Former Senator Fred Thompson Considers '08 Presidential Bid, March 11, 2007

A selection of Draft Fred sites:
Some folks aren't as enthusiastic, for example Why Fred Thompson Won’t be Elected President Posted by Bruce Barry, who calls his moves so far a "conservative panderfest", and AP's Hope Yen, Not enough "star" power in the GOP presidential field. (Hope, Yen, which is it?)

Below the Beltway has interesting comments on Fred for President.

The Krusty Konservative thinks Fred "looks the part" of President. I guess that is half the battle, these days.

Captain Ed notes Fred's efforts to distance himself from his former association with John McCain and the disastrous McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform fiasco. More at Wizbang Politics.

A commenter at Sister Toldjah says, "I just get all tingly at the prospect of Fred Thompson entering the 2008 race."

Fred versus moonbat: World Net Daily preserves an exciting exchange between Fred Thompson and Mike Farrell, aka B.J. Hunnicutt on NBC's "Meet the Press" program, March 2, 2003.

Fred Thompson's Congressional biography.

Fred Thompson's record on the issues, from

Fred Thompson's papers, a collection at The University of Tennessee Modern Political Archives.

Fred Thompson's IMDb filmography.

In June 2002, Fred married Jeri Kehn, the lovely lady in the picture. Read more about Jeri Thompson at blond sagacity's post For the Record: Fred Thompson's Wife.
Update: Yorktown Patriot - John Fund: Fred Thompson for President?. A meaty article that also mentions another possible criticism of Fred: "failing to back some comprehensive tort-reform bills because of his background as a trial lawyer." Just ask John Edwards how much this kind of criticism stings.

More Support for Fred from Doug Hagin at New Media Journal, with more links.

The sarcastic self-styled libertarians at Liberating Our Heritage try to pick on his wife, Jeri, by describing her as 'surgically altered'. There you will also find links to some other moonbat criticisms of her, like someone at Wonkette calling her a 'trophy wife'. They got nothin'.
Conservative Dad at Red State Kids notes that: "Fred Thompson is 6' 6" or 5 inches taller than Reagan. And a full 11 inches taller than McCain and 12 inches taller than Hillary Clinton." Not only is Fred's ideological stance the right one, but he is a man of stature as well. Our enemies will quake in their boots at the sight of this righteous Mensch. I can't see them fearing Hillary Clinton.
Update: Fred Thompson discusses his indolent lymphoma, now in remission.
Well folks, what do you think?

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