April 04, 2007

Everything Fred Thompson: the Fredipedia

Updated June 1, 2007: The old feeder has decided to endorse Fred Thompson as the Republican Party nomination for US President in 2008. Please visit some of these web sites and blogs. Get to know Fred. Then let Fred know you want him to throw his hat in the ring. Wouldn't you really rather see Fred and Jeri in the White House?
The old feeder is getting to the point where he might consider cutting a check to help Fred Thompson's unannounced campaign for the Republican Party's 2008 presidential nomination. You should know that the last time this tightwad gave any money to a political campaign was a donation to Ronald Reagan sometime after he narrowly lost the Republican nomination to Ford in 1976. I figured Jimmy Carter was making my money worthless anyhow, so why not give it away?

I have taken the liberty of copying in full this nifty list of sources for information on Fred Thompson and added some other stuff. You can find the Original, Definitive Fredipedia by Sturm Ruger, along with some well reasoned discussions at DraftFredThompson.com. It is a big improvement over the Fred & Jeri links Plains Feeder posted earlier.

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Pre-Announcement Buzz:
USA TODAY: Fred says he's running; tells how he will do it
The Politico: Fred Thompson Running For President
National Review Online: It will be July, but it won't be on the 4th
The Tennessean: Thompson says he plans to run, wants to be 2008's outsider
The RealClearPolitics Blog: 'The Fred has Landed'
Captain's Quarters: Fred Takes The First Step
NY Times: Fred Thompson move sends ripples through Republican party
Washington Post: Fred's In; Who's Hurt?
MSNBC: 'Friends of Fred Thompson' committee papers to be filed Monday
Weekly Standard: Fred will raise cash and form exploratory committee
ChiCom People's Daily: Law and Order star running for president

Blog and Media Buzz:

Lincoln Club of Orange County: "Fred Thompson a Big Hit at Annual Dinner!"
Ed Morrisey: Fred's speech "brilliant, and nearly perfect" for a run
Hotline: Fred Thompson's Inner Circle Builds A Larger Circle
NYSun - Q-Poll: Giuliani Tumbles, Thompson Explodes...
RedState.com: "I think we have a candidate today for dumbest 'serious news story' ever."
The Fred Factor: The Book
Knoxville Metro Pulse: Meet Fred (Excellent)
Dan Riehl's very effective response to John Hawkin's diss of Fred
Kathryn Jean Lopez: "No one quite has the presence Thompson has"
Charlie Cook: The Thompson Effect
Thompson's Nontraditional Presidential Campaign
Bob Krumm: Fred Phenom is not just a lot of hot air
NYTimes finally notices Senator Thompson’s Campaign
Fred Thompson Mulling Summer Announcement
Fred Thompson Readying a Stump Speech?
Reagan insiders voice high praise for Fred Thompson
"It wasn't spin, just Fred wanting to be Fred."
AP: Tenn. rally urges Fred Thompson to run for president
Maggie Gallagher: "Fred Thompson really is one of us."
AP: House GOP gush over actor Fred Thompson
Rep. Wamp: Thompson's entry into the race is "a matter of when -- not if."
Novak: Fred Thompson is very likely to enter the race for President
LA Times Bloomberg poll has Fred Thompson in 2nd Place
'Run, Fred, Run' Say Top Social Conservatives
Fred Thompson Leads American Family Association Straw Poll
Archive: Will the REAL shooter please stand up?
56 Missouri State Reps Sign “Draft Fred Thompson” Petition
Inspiring the American Voter: The Fred Thompson Factor
Plains Feeder: Fred Thompson's Watergate
Plains Feeder: Draft Fred Thompson
Washington Times: Thompson stirs up conservative buzz
Fredapalooza: "I have never seen this level of gut fervor from the grassroots"
Newsweek: "It looks as if Fred Thompson is getting ready to run for president."
Intellectual Conservative: Run Fred Run
Don't let 'em tell you there's no campaign cash available for a Thompson run!
Christian Chronicle: Fred Thompson's church roots draw interest
USA TODAY: Jeri "dusting off her old political reporter contacts list."
OneNewsNow: Support grows for Fred Thompson White House run
The Conservative Voice: The Courage of Fred Thompson
Lisa Fabrizio: It's Not Too Late for Fred to enter the race
Bruce Walker: Fred Thompson and Supreme Court Nominations
J.B. Williams: Fred Thompson and Ronald Reagan
Mona Charen: Run, Fred, Run!
Patriot Post: Democrats fear Fred Thompson ... and should
WaPo: A 'Law & Order' Presidential Candidate?
RedState.com: Goodbye Law and Order, Hello West Wing
Watch Out Democrats - Another candidate from Hollywood
How Fred Thompson matches up against Hillary and Obama
Boston Herald: GOP stage set for Thompson
Captain's Quarters looks at Fred Thompson
Mary Katherine Ham Makes the Case for Fred Thompson
Doug Hagin makes a pitch for Fred on American Daily
GOPUSA's The Loft: Draft Fred… Enough Said!
The Hill says The Fred Thompson Surge will transform the GOP race
Race 4 2008: A Conservative Man For All Seasons
William Rusher: Thompson has many undeniable qualifications for the nomination
Human Events: Fred Thompson is a conservative who can win
Fred is 'Just Right' to most conservatives on the issues
Rep. Zach Wamp Says Thompson Likely To Run For President
Fred Thompson -- the next Ronald Reagan?
Mike Allen: Insiders Map Plan for '08 Thompson Bid
Rush Limbaugh: GOP Base Excited About Fred Thompson
The Truth About Fred Thompson: He's the Real Deal
The Latest Fred Thompson Stuff
Fred Thompson speaks to the Connecticut Republican Party's annual Prescott Bush awards dinner
The Fix: Tom Collamore is Fred's "campaign manager in waiting."
Thompson warns of post-Iraq threats
WaPo: "Anyone who thinks the 'draft' part of the movement is somehow phony... has never met the man"
The Tennessean: Thompson steals show from stage right
Using the internet, Fred takes his message directly to the voters, avoiding media spin
Fred Thompson: a most unusual candidate
Fred Thompson - A Dynamic Not Seen In Years
Tennessee Chevy dealer fueled early draft-Fred drive
Christian conservatives pledge support for '08 Thompson bid
Thompson as Senator Left Conservative Record with Reformist Bent
Hotline: Fred Thompson's Inner Circle Builds A Larger Circle
The Fred Factor: The Book
Reagan insiders voice high praise for Fred Thompson
"It wasn't spin, just Fred wanting to be Fred."
Times of London: ‘Fred for president’ chorus grows
J.B. Williams on Fred Thompson: Inspiring the American Voter
Fred Thompson: Right for the Right in '08
Intellectual Conservative: Run Fred Run
Christian Chronicle: Fred Thompson's church roots draw interest
JMichNews.com on Fred Thompson and Ronald Reagan

Fred Thompson Endorsements:
National co-chair of Women for Romney endorses Fred Thompson
SC Rep. Gresham Barrett Endorses Fred Thompson
41 GA state legislators want Fred Thompson to run
58 TX GOP lawmakers favor Fred Thompson for president
56 Missouri State Reps Sign “Draft Fred Thompson” Petition
Pennsylvania House Speaker: "I'm For Fred Thompson"
Rep. Steve Buyer (R-IN) Announces Support For Thompson Candidacy
J.C. Watts Lends Support To Thompson For President
Former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist Endorses Fred thompson
Tennessee Republicans Urge Fred Thompson To Run
Three Prominent Texas Officials Urge Thompson to Run
Rep. Zach Wamp: Why Fred Thompson Should Run For President
Missouri Lt. Gov. and Speaker Pro Tem Endorse Fred Thompson
Fred Thompson's first newspaper endorsement: Chattanooga Free Press

Fred Thompson Voting Record and Interest Group Ratings:
Fred Thompson on the Issues (Senate Voting Record)
Fred Thompson Senate Match questionnaire responses
Fred Thompson Interest Group Ratings

Fred Thompson Interviews:
Video: Fred interviewed by Scott Baker on the newly-launched Breitbart TV
Video: Fred interviewed by Sean Hannity on H&C, Part 1 of 3 (5/01)
Video: Fred interviewed by Sean Hannity on H&C, Part 2 of 3 (5/01)
Video: Fred interviewed by Sean Hannity on H&C, Part 3 of 3 (5/04)
Audio: Fred Thompson interviewed on WLS Radio - Excellent!
Audio: Fred Thompson interviewed on WLW Radio - Short but sweet
Audio: FDT interviewed on Mark Levin Show, 5/18/2007
Transcript: FDT interviewed on Mark Levin Show, 5/18/2007
Transcript: FDT interview with the Orange County Register
Transcript: Fox News interview with Sean Hannity
Transcript: Fox News interview with Neil Cavuto
Transcript: Fox News Sunday interview with Chris Wallace
Article: Interview with The Weekly Standard's Stephen F. Hayes (Part1 of 2)
Article: Interview with The Weekly Standard's Stephen F. Hayes (Part 2 of 2)
Article: John Fund's WSJ Opinion Journal Fred Thompson interview
Video: Fred Interviewed on Breitbart TV
Audio: Laura Ingraham's Fred Thompson interview
Transcript: Fox News Sunday interview with Mike Wallace
Interview with The Weekly Standard's Stephen F. Hayes
Transcript of the Fox News Sunday interview that fueled the Fred phenom
John Fund's WSJ Opinion Journal Fred Thompson interview
Audio: Sean Hannity Interview (paid membership required)

Fred Thompson Videos:
Fred Thomson on Cavuto: Fred's fight with lymphoma
Fred Thomson on Cavuto: Will he run?
Fred Thompson - 1999 National Statesman of the Year
Fred Thompson's remarks at Nashville 9/11 memorial service
Fred Thompson: "Soldier"
Fred Thompson: "Courage"
Fred Thompson for President
Fred Thompson addresses members of the Lincoln Club
Transcript Excerpt: Prepared Remarks to Lincoln Club of OC
Video from the Draft Fred Thompson Rally, April 28, Cookeville, TN
Fred on the McLaughlin Report: Lock and Load!
Fred Thompson on National Security
Fred Thompson on the Strength of Our Country
Fred Thompson for Senate ad from 1994 campaign
Draft Fred Thompson ad #2 by Mister Politics
Draft Fred Thompson ad #1 by Mister Politics
Excerpt from FDT's speech to the CT GOP dinner
Let's Open the Door for Fred Thompson
Fred Thompson KO's Michael Moore in the first round!
CBS News Story: Fred Thompson - A New GOP Candidate?
Freddie, Whatcha Gonna Do? - from Ohio4Fred
Fred speaks in Tampa Bay

FredState Alliance + blogs and websites for and about Fred Thompson:
Online Petition to draft Fred Thompson has over 14,000 signatures
draftfredthompson.com: The Fred Thompson Activist forum
Jeff's Fred-friendly blogroll on draftfredthompson.com
Draft Fred Thompson 2008 Committee website
Grassroots Voter: over 10,000 volunteers strong!
Thompson Truckers: Blog by former Thompson Senate office staffers
A Fred Dalton Thompson Presidency: What has Fred done?
A great Draft Fred Thompson 2008 blog
FredIn2008.com blog
Meet Fred Thompson blog
Senator Fred Thompson for President in '08
Grassroots Voter
fredthompsonquest.com: Metasearch site for Fred Thompson's candidacy for POTUS
Blogs For Thompson - News for bloggers who support Fred Thompson
Knoxville News Sentinel: No Silence Here blog
Elephant Biz is a Thompson news gold mine. Just keep scrolling...
Former Sen. Bill Frist's Volunteer Political Action Committee blog
ReformedChicksBlabbing - A Fred-Friendly blog!
TheNewsWalk.com has an FDT news ticker: "All Fred. All the Time"
Blogs for Thompson blogroll
Other blogs for and about Fred Thompson

State blogs for Fred Thompson:
Coloradans For Fred Thompson
Floridians for Fred Thompson
Georgians for Fred Thompson
Illinois Republicans for Fred Thompson
Iowans for Fred Thompson
Maine for Fred Thompson
Minnesotans for Fred Thompson
New Hampshire for Fred Thompson
Ohio 4 Fred
South Carolinians for Fred Thompson
Tennesseans for Thompson
Virginians for Fred Thompson
Washingtonians For Fred Thompson
California For Thompson
Arizona For Thompson

Gear for Fredheads:
Official Thompson Store - Republican owned and proud of it!
RightLeaning.com's Fred Head collection
Right Wing Stuff's Thompson collection
Cafe Press's Fred Thompson items

Fred Thompson Biographies and Reference:
Bio from Fred's hometown of Lawrenceburg, TN
Wikipedia's Fred Dalton Thompson page
AEI Bio (Fred Thompson is a Visiting Fellow at the Institute)
IMDB Fred Thompson bio
IMDB Fred Thompson's TV and film credits
Fred Thompson Papers, Modern Political Archives, U. of Tennessee
Fred Thompson's Senate statements and press releases
Archived: Fred Thompson's 2002 Senate web page
Sen. Thompson's statement re: the Clinton articles of impeachment

Events of Interest to the Draft Fred Thompson Grassroots:
June 02: Fred Thompson keynotes Republican Party of VA Gala in Richmond
June 06: Will Fred attend NH GOP "First in the Nation Presidential Gala"?
June 12: Fred Thompson guest appearance on The Tonight show with Jay Leno

Fred Thompson on the Issues:
"So, I hear you all have been talking about me..."
My Retort on Torts: Fred's Response to Ramesh Ponnuru
The Pirates of Tehran: "What are we — Reuters?”
What You Need To Know: Facts About My Cancer
The Fred Thompson Report: Fred's radio commentaries and more
FDT Senate Voting Record & VoteMatch Responses by ontheissues.org
Fred Thompson - Performance Evaluations by Special Interest Groups

ABC Radio Commentaries:
The Myth of Cuban Health Care (5/02)
Sticks and Stones (4/30)
Another Lesson from the Virginia Shootings (4/18)
Case Closed: Tax cuts mean growth (4/14)
Real American Idols (4/05)
Unsafe in America (3/30)
Suing for Silence (3/29)
Mothballing the Fleet (3/28)
Wishful Theorists (3/27)
War Funding Puzzlement (3/26)
Plutonic Warming (3/22)
Southern Exposure (3/20)
Hollywood vs. Iran (3/19)
A New News World (3/17)
Gandhi's Way Isn't the American Way (3/15)
Power of the President (3/14)
The Case for Competence (3/14)
Law and Disorder (3/07)
Stomachless Senate (1/19)
Law & Order: Nifong's Wrongs (1/12)
The Presidential Gloves Are Off (1/11)
Compelete Library of Fred Thompson ABC Radio Commentaries

Fred Thompson's Paul Harvey Show Transcripts:
Gandhi's Way Isn't the American Way
A New News World
Power of the President
Plutonic Warming
The Case for Competence
Hollywood vs. Iran
Southern Exposure
Suing for Silence
Mothballing the Fleet
Wishful theorists
War Funding Puzzlement
Unsafe in America
Here is a Google Blog Search for posts about Fred.
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