March 03, 2007

Who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong?

Ram Implosion Wing
A year and a half ago I reported on Robert Patterson's Ram Implosion Wing which he claimed will double, if not triple, the mpg of Detroit's worst gas hogs. Enough time, I would think, for him and any copycat inventors to provide some evidence that the screwy looking thing might work. I was willing to give him a chance whereas others outdid themselves in labeling him a crackpot.

No verifiable evidence has been forthcoming, but that hasn't stopped the mad inventor from offering it for sale. You can purchase a kit and build it yourself or he'll build one for you.

As a lifelong motorhead by default there's one thing I've learned about guys and cars. We can be liars. When we're young we lie about how fast they are. We lie about how much we pay for them and how much we sell them for. And of course we lie about gas mileage. And most of the time I think we believe our own lies because we really want them to be true.

Too bad you're proving the point, Robert, but that needn't spoil your entrepreneurial success. There are guys who will buy them and, even though they won't work, they'll convince themselves that they do work, especially when they try to unload their ram imploded Lincoln Town Car on the first redneck to sit behind the wheel. But he better make sure Jim Bob takes a short test drive. That fuel gauge won't back him up.

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