March 04, 2007

Arab - Israeli Agreement

Arab and Israeli Feedlot Visitors Agree
They both seem to be titillated by pictures of Debra LaFave. For the last 24 hours, the Plains Feeder has been getting an inordinately large number of "Google Image" hits from Israel and Saudi Arabia. They are all looking for pictures of Debra LaFave. Examples of these searches are shown above.

I guess this is good; it shows there are areas of agreement. Imagine, however, how much more nasty Ms. La Fave must look to a leering Arab than to a leering Israeli. The Arab isn't even supposed to think about such criminal salaciousness; the Israelis are as inured to nudity and sexual license as Americans. Nobody can leer like an Arab.
Every now and then, the Plains Feeder gets a flurry of visitors seeking the picture of Debra LaFave astride a motorcycle. When this happens, I usually check to see if she has been in the news again. Since the former teacher copped a walk after confessing to having sex with one of her students, then gave an interview to Matt Lauer, she has been keeping a pretty low profile.

Maybe there's a LaFave buzz on the Middle East street.

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