April 14, 2007

The bad old days recalled

Kathleen Soliah - 1974
The goofy but deadly Symbionese Liberation Army raised its seven ugly heads once again in the form of SLA killer Kathleen Soliah, who went underground to escape trial for the political gang's awful deeds. She lived for decades as a house-wife in Minnesota until she was caught in 1999 and sent up the river. The news story is only about a technicality in her sentencing.

Recalling the SLA reminds me of those days when terrorists were springing up out of our own culture. Outfits like the Red Army Faction, Weather Underground, Red Brigades, and Black Panthers were almost as inexplicable and dangerous the Islamic Jihad is today.
Did you know that the seven-headed cobra the SLA adopted as their standard was designed to reflect the seven principles of Kwanzaa?

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