April 13, 2007

Teacher - Student Sex Crackdown has Unexpected Results

Who would have thought that the recent spate of teachers getting busted for having sex with their students would drive the school teachers and administrators to having sex with each other. If I had thought that any of my teachers were boffing the principal in his office I would never have grown up. I would have died laughing.

A video DVD showing a principal and teacher having sex in school has been circulated anonymously in Illinois. The graphic video has resulted in resignations and calls for prosecution. From the Chicago Sun-Times:
The two-hour disc shows several scenes of Sandridge Elementary school principal Leroy Coleman and science teacher Janet Lofton having sex in his office.
"I was stunned and I felt sick to my stomach," said parent Kim Grivakis, who was one of two parents to have the DVD left in their mailboxes.
If we stop this nasty fraternization, what are these sex-crazed teachers and school administrators going to do next for sex on the job? Maybe they will go back to doing it manually and privately, as I suspected most of them did when I was in school.

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