April 22, 2007

Official George Bush Earth Day

Google Earth Day Logo
I wonder if all the hippies, Goreheads, GW pop-sci doomsayers and one-world Marxist dupes who are observing Earth Day today know that there are two of them? One is the real commie one-worlder Earth Day, and it is held on the Vernal Equinox. Today's Earth Day is a government program. It was started by and is run by the US government. It is said that Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson got the idea after seeing an oil spill, went back to Nixon's Washington and made Earth Day a law.

As an official US Government event, Earth Day is run by the President, currently George Bush. So get outside and thank the Creator for everything you see. Its not just the law, its what George Bush wants you to do.
Addendum: It is also Lenin's birthday. No connection to Earth Day, of course. It is also the birth date of Jack Nicholson, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Vladimir Nabokov, Eddie Albert, Immanuel Kant and Queen Isabella, among other notables.

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