May 09, 2007

Guam World War II Loyalty Recognition Act a Good Thing

My Dad on one of Guam's beaches, c. 1952
Click for 50 years later
Lou at My American Thoughts has asked me to guest blog there. My first post at MAT went up yesterday, and was about the passage in Congress of the widely misunderstood Guam World War II Loyalty Recognition Act (HR 1595). Many conservative bloggers urged that it be voted down without knowing the facts or historical context of the bill. You can get a reasoned analysis here at Riehl World View. I'm glad it passed.

The old feeder lived on Guam for a year or two in the early 50's. I was a kid, and my Dad was in the service. The island still had Japanese soldiers in the boonies that thought WWII had not ended.

The beaches were beautiful and uncrowded. Think of a pig roasting on a luau style pole, white sand, cool caves and tropical weather. But these beaches had areas marked Off Limits because of unexploded ordnance. Booby traps were rumored to be everywhere. I used to dig up and play with little anti personnel flechettes that looked like tiny bombs with fins. The Guamanian villages were, for the most part, still empty and falling into ruin. No vacation condos, no tourists, no cruise ships. It was a boy's jungle paradise.
When I get back to the feedlot, I'll add a picture from my Guam days.

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