May 11, 2007

Romney Can't Imagine Anything Worse Than Polygamy

Mormon Sacred Underwear
The media, including most bloggers, have been pussyfooting around the political ramifications of Mitt Romney's Mormon faith. The media, however, isn't very good at pussyfooting when it comes to ambitious Republicans. Some in the media would love nothing better than to just come right out and say, "Mitt Romney belongs to a suspiciously weird cult and therefore isn't qualified to hold any office outside Utah. Some already have said as much.

Mormonism has a colorful past, to say the least. Treacherous massacres, blood atonement, polygamy, the Mason-like secret doings in the Temple, and their sacred underwear all add up to a degree of perceived strangeness that some of us find uncomfortable. Combine that with their door to door missionaries and you have all you need to dislike Mormons.

I don't think this focus on Mitt Romney's faith is out of line. The Presidency is serious business. We don't want to elect a traitor; many voters thought John F. Kennedy would sell America out to the Pope in Rome. JFK convinced the voters that he wouldn't, and became our first Catholic President. In my opinion his administration stunk on ice, nearly getting us into nuclear war. But he didn't let the Pope and his Cardinals run America.

The old feeder has Mormons in the family. My Grandfather was posted to Salt Lake City during WWI. He worked military funerals for soldiers that died at a Spanish flu treatment facility there, and claimed a flirtatious Mormon girl pinched him one day while on parade. He married her and brought her to the farm in Iowa after the war. Her sisters and friends came to visit, latched on to more farmers and a congregation was begun. I think my Dad got himself and me kicked out, but that is another story.

Grandma's father was reportedly a polygamist. I might have a whole bunch of family I don't know about. Even Mitt Romney doesn't like polygamy. In fact, he can't imagine anything worse. He must not have much of an imagination.

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