May 15, 2007

Political Correctness Kills the Wopburger

Grease Burger: Racist Statement?
This Rocky Mountain News piece by James Meadow tells the story. An edible concoction named a Wopburger that has been on the menu at a family owned restaurant for ages has to be re-named because one cat was offended. The old feeder wonders how it became the vogue for everyone to think they should stick their noses into other folks' business. I can't believe how many folks swallowed that awful 60's notion that everyone should try to make a difference. This begs the question: what is so wrong with our traditions and ways that everyone and his dog needs to make a difference? Here is a quote:
It all began about 1919, when Michael and Emira Colacci, fresh from Campobasso, Italy, decided that opening a restaurant in Louisville made sense. A place for coal miners - of which Michael was one - to eat, to be comfortable around fellow paisanos.

The you-know-what burger's name wasn't an ethnic slur. It was, Michael and Emira's granddaughter would insist 88 years later, "A nickname. It just meant they were Italian, proud to be Italian."
I guess that means no more Greaseburgers. Uncle's Ben's rice can't be far behind.
Read funny freeper comments on this huge issue. Such irreverence!

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