May 14, 2007

Chuck Hagel: another Ross Perot?

Senator Hagel raises Ross Perot's ugly head
Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel said this weekend on "Face the Nation" that he is considering an '08 White House ticket with New York City Mayor Bloomberg. What an absolutely horrid prospect.

Does Hagel really think that having a third-party spoiler candidate drawn from among his new RINO friends will do anything but propel a Democrat into the White House? I think such a move would only serve to ensure, à la Ross Perot, a Democrat victory in '08.

The long-term risk of any Democrat President now is that the Federal bench and the US Supreme Court will be packed with liberal activist justices for the foreseeable future. I worry that this would damage our Constitution beyond repair.

Many think Perot's antics gave America eight years of Bill Clinton. Now Hagel and Bloomberg evidently think that another Clinton is what we need in 2008. Perhaps Chuck want to punish Republicans for giving short shrift to his Iraq/Viet-Nam fixation.

I am so disgusted with Senator Hagel. Did you know there isn't any way for Nebraskans to recall a properly elected US Senator?
I can't say I didn't see it coming. The street sweeper on Leavenworth has been following this revolting trend for some time. I guess I wanted to think it couldn't be true.
Outside the Beltway wonders how the current Republican Party can have been simultaneously hijacked by isolationist and power-projecting forces, as Hagel claims. Ain't they opposites?
Leavenworth Street adds a "Chuck Hagel Countdown Clock" and notes that Senator Hagel would take second billing on a Bloomberg-Hagel Ticket. We can't call Hagel a maverick anymore. How about rogue elephant or, my favorite, a grafted 60's freak having a mid-political-life crisis?
The Beatrice Fiddler has an interesting take on the "surreal Hagel experience". You don't suppose Chuck has been chewing peyote buttons, now, do you?

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