June 25, 2007

Accused child rapist John Monetti's trial date moved

From the Washington County Pilot Tribune & Enterprise: Monetti's trial date moved.
A federal judge has sustained John Monetti's appeal to file a motion to suppress evidence and statements obtained after his May 2006 arrest. The original motion was denied because it was filed past the deadline for pretrial motions.
Monetti's lawyer, Carlos Monzon, wrote in the appeal that assistant U.S. attorney Michael Norris was consulted before the motion to suppress was filed, and did not object to it being past the deadline.
Mr Monetti's trial date has been changed from today to July 30th. I expect more delays.

It sounds like Mr. Norris dropped the ball by failing to object to the late motion to suppress evidence. Should the key evidence be suppressed, Monetti could cop a walk.
Hat Tip: Kay in the comments.
Update: Click for the latest post on John Monetti.
Better smelling news: the fragrant milkweed is blooming here at the feedlot.

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